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Tavistock Wealth has been trading ETFs for over five years. That may not seem long, but it is long enough to have an intimate understanding of how they work in an environment where the traditional methods of investing for the rich has been hard to un-trench!

It is our stated objective to bring to the masses what has traditionally only been available to the institutions, to the sophisticated investors and the privileged few. In ETFs and the variety of products we can offer, we believe that everyone has the right to invest, and have access to the same markets, the same tools and the same options to give them the opportunity to create some wealth for the future, whatever their level of wealth today.

We have in our stable 10 UCITS compliant ACUMEN Portfolios (funds) and a range of model portfolios. The 10 funds comprise of six risk-progressive, multi-asset class solutions (in plain english, that means diversity!), one income fund and three protection-portfolios. This investment offering is managed by a team of experienced investment professionals and we are very proud to announce ACUMEN’s five-year performance track record.

To the world outside of the finance industry, that all means there’s likely to be something to suit everybody’s appetite for investing, whilst catering for varying attitudes to risk, and capacity for loss.

We Understand

We know the myths. “Investing is complicated and high-risk. So much information. You need millions in the bank. Or loads of free time. Or both.” – “It’s not for everyone.” Well, we think it is.

Here at Tavistock Wealth, we know that 78%* of adults in the UK would rather be “safe than sorry” with their money. It’s why so many feel uncomfortable about investing. So we opened up our investments for your Financial Adviser to access so that you can enjoy the benefit. 

We have variety

We have 10 portfolios to suit most investors bank balances, goals, and priorities, as well as catering for a range of risk appetites.


We listen

Our customer services team are on hand Monday to Friday to help with any queries. Not only that, our experts manage your investments every trading day.

Your best interests are at the core of everything that we and our advisers do on your behalf. We believe our ability to build strong relationships with investors and their financial advisers, is key to success for everyone involved.


Our language is simple, our process is simple, and our fees are simple – you only pay for us to manage your portfolio. Your Financial Adviser will discuss their fee and any platform fees. Simple.


We are safe and secure

We understand the magnitude of trusting your money and information with someone else, so security is our number one. As well as being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we ensure all personal data given to us is securely stored and we participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


We saw the potential of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from their beginnings and have traded them for five years.

Tavistock Wealth already manage more than £1Billion on behalf of investors like you.

We believe in transparency throughout the market cycle so investors can compare performance against our market composite benchmark and an index of peer group competitors. To provide an example, the chart below shows the performance of ACUMEN Portfolio 4 (previously ACUMEN Conservative Portfolio) since inception. The fund has outperformed its benchmark as well as the equivalent Investment Association (IA) and Asset Risk Consultant (ARC) sector over this time:  


Date of data: 01/09/2014 – 31/12/2019

Download the ACUMEN Portfolio 4 PDF

There are always those who are careful with money, and those who aren’t. Those who save for a rainy day, and those who prefer to live very much in the moment. If you’re the latter, you can easily become the former and settle any niggling investing guilt surrounding your future funds.

There’s always going to be things pulling at the purse strings; rising house prices, the ever-increasing cost of living, student debt. With all these outgoing costs, yes, the odds do appear stacked against people who want to try and put aside a few pennies every month. Maybe they’re dampening the hope that these pennies will eventually result in a mortgage free home, settling into a comfortable retirement, or even just retiring at all.

However, there are many investing opportunities out there that don’t need to leave a hole in day-to-day spending but could pave the way to those stress-free life and retirement dreams, and they are so easy to organise.

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The value of an investment in the ACUMEN Portfolios or Tavistock PROFILES may fall as well as rise. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.

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Tavistock Wealth does not provide financial advice and this website is not a recommendation that any particular investment decision is suitable for any particular person. Therefore the information contained within this website is provided for informational purposes only. The value of investments can do down as well as up.

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